Our Client Testimonials

“Thank you, Mr. Cullen for all of your help.  I was so nervous, and you were so easy to speak to and made a hard situation a little easier to deal with.  My ex and I were able to communicate and we came to an amicable resolution.”

“Mike you made my divorce less painful.  You were understanding about all aspects of the situation, especially when it came to my children.  You helped my wife and I work through the issues in a calm way and did not take sides.  You listened without judging.  The price was reasonable and we were extremely happy with the result.”

“When starting this process, I was concerned about how it worked.  Mike, you explained how my we would be the ones reaching the decisions and you were there to help facilitate.  You were so patient and answered all our questions.   We were able to work together in a calm manner that was best for us.”

“Thanks Mike for your assistance in this trying time in my life.  I was scared and confused but you were able to ease my fears and concerns.  Your kindness and patience made me feel calm and able to make rational decisions that were in my family’s best interests.”