• Promotes communication and cooperation, rather than antagonism and adversity.
  • Saves thousands of dollars in legal fees.
  • Keeps you and your spouse in total control of your divorce - not divorce lawyers or the judge - including such life-altering decisions as determining what is a fair distribution of assets/liabilities, spousal support, custody of children, parenting time and child support.
  • Is confidential, informal and flexible. The sessions are conducted in a private office setting rather than a public courtroom.
  • Is completely voluntary. Each spouse has an equal say in the process and they decide the terms of the divorce, not the mediator.
  • Makes you more committed to the agreement, since it is you who works through it, instead of your attorneys.
  • Takes less time than litigation, enabling couples to sooner move ahead with their own lives.
  • Helps the children win as well, as they see their parents working together for their interests and future, instead of against one another.